How To Pack Effectively For The Perfect Move?

Are you about to move to a new place in a couple of weeks?  You must be very excited to settle in your new home and explore the surroundings. But before that, you need to manage the most stressful aspect of moving: packing up all that cluttered stuff around the house.

Packing is the most stressful aspect of moving. Even the best planner can feel stressed when it comes to packing everything in an orderly fashion as this task involves a lot of hard work and consideration. So, what to do? 

Quick Packing Tips for an Easy Move

Certain hacks and tricks can make packing and unpacking a simple task. Gather your moving supplies and systematically start the job by picking one room at a time.

  • Clean Out the Extra Stuff

The less there is to pack, the better! 

Before you enter the packing stage, go through all of your stuff and evaluate what you need and what you don't in order to get rid of any items or pieces of furniture that are no longer needed. You can also donate or sell useable articles. Getting rid of all that excessive (or, in some cases, useless stuff) will reduce your workload. You will have fewer boxes to pack and carry on a moving day.

  • Use Durable Moving Boxes

You would not want to lose your belongings because of worn-out boxes. Therefore, invest in good-quality boxes that are strong and clean from a local moving firm or local supermarkets, bookshops, and hardware stores for a few bucks. Make sure they are good-sized and strong enough to hold the goods. 

Don’t try to cram all the items into one cardboard box. Overloading the boxes will make them heavy and difficult to carry for the movers. An overstuffed box may also fall apart during the moving process.

  • Use Different Color Labeling 

Labeling your packed boxes suitably will not only save time but also save you from stress and confusion later. Color coding your boxes is an interesting and incredibly helpful way. Use multi-color labels without or without masking tape to give each room a different color. This will keep things organized for you and the movers as well.

The trick is to label the contents of the boxes in a different color (green for the master bedroom, pink for the girl's room). And when you reach your new home, use the colored tapes at the door of each room. Movers will match the color, and each box will land at the right place.

  • Be Careful With The Breakables

Packing fragile items is a real headache. Use bunched-up paper, linens, and towels to provide cushioning to your expensive kitchenware, vases, decoration pieces, and other sharp objects. Wrap up the breakables into these soft padded materials and secure them with a rubber band.

  • Use Household Items for Packing

You can also repurpose other household items for packing, such as suitcases, hampers, laundry bins, and kitchen pots. Place spices and small gadgets into sealable containers. Use your suitcases to pack heavy items, clothes, and other smaller household supplies. This way, you will be using fewer boxes, and you will have more space in the moving van.

Do you have a massive wardrobe with lots of clothes? Instead of folding every piece of clothing, roll your clothes. This will help you save space. 

Need Packing Help?

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