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Where to Buy Cheap Moving Boxes

Moving costs increase when you have to acquire items such as packing boxes, tape, mattress bags and more. You need a way to reduce these costs without affecting the efficiency of the moving process. You do not need to fork up all your hard-earned money just to get some boxes to pack your stuff.

There are ways to get moving boxes without paying much or anything at all for them. Some items might have to be treated as exceptions though. Some TVs and mirrors might not fit in regular boxes. Other than these, it is possible to move your entire house in totally free boxes.

Start your box hunting here:


You can easily find anything on Craigslist. The local listings in your area are likely to be packed with excellent box deals that you can find under the ‘For Sale’ section. If you would like ultimate savings with your box hunting quest, consider looking for boxes under the ‘Free’ section. You could start here to find out if people are donating any moving boxes.

Alternatively, create your own advertisement to notify Craigslist’s users that you are on the hunt for free moving supplies and boxes.

Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc.

The company came up with an innovative waste reduction method for the purpose of environmental conservation. This involves getting into recycling contracts with the corporate sector, where they benefit by receiving new and used boxes directly from manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

The good boxes are sold at less than half the original price of new ones to anyone interested in packing up their stuff for relocation purposes. Considering that you have to hire movers in Aurora to help you move, saving on costs early enough is vital.


U-Haul is an ideal moving box hunting avenue because of its unique 100% unused box buy-back policy. The policy applies on legitimate U-Haul boxes that are accompanied by an original receipt.

Another facility by this giant moving company is the U-Haul box exchange. It allows people to connect and find supplies for moving purposes. You only need to submit your location and the keyword “Free Boxes” to get to know if people around you are offering free boxes. People that are likely to give away boxes include those that relocated recently, and have been left with a pile of boxes that they need to get rid of quickly.

Local liquor stores

Do you reside near a wine store? If so, consider visiting the manager to request for boxes that are no longer needed. The myriad shipments that liquor stores receive on a monthly basis is a guarantee that you will find boxes that you can easily transform into your moving supplies. If the liquor store is large enough, the better for you because you can find more boxes to sort your needs out.

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